Valentine’s Day: 10 date & gift ideas to ramp up the romance

If you’re not sure how to impress your loved one this Valentine’s Day, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Flovely, we like to think we’re experts in how to be more romantic – we’ve certainly got the flower part covered, anyway.

To help you wow your partner come 14th February, we’ve compiled our top tips for making it their most special day of love yet.

So take a deep breath and try one or two of our Valentine’s Day ideas – you’ve totally got this!

1. Keep it classy with a beautiful bunch of flowers

Of all the romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, presenting your special person with a bouquet of blooms is the most timeless way to express your love.

For a failsafe winner of a gift, browse our range of  Bouquets.

2. Travel the world while staying at home

Choose a destination you’ve either visited together or want to and plan an at-home date around it. Go all out – we’re talking themed cocktails, food and decorations, followed by a movie set in the country you’ve just ‘travelled’ to.

How about jetting off to Japan for a bottle of Sake, A plate of Sushi and Sashimi, A Kimono and The Last Samurai? It’ll be cheaper than the airfare.


3. Make them breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day? Groundbreaking. Make or Get a heart shaped cookie or toast to make it even more romantic

4. Go screen-free for a change

Ditching your phones in favour of spending quality time together is a radical act in 2024. If you often find yourselves slumped on the sofa in silence, mindlessly scrolling through social media, you know what to do. Commit to a screen-free day or evening so you can fully focus on each other – talk, walk, go out for a fancy meal and reignite that spark!

5. Set up a treasure hunt in your home

Who said you couldn’t enjoy a childhood game as an adult? Having fun together fosters intimacy, so set up a treasure hunt for your significant other around your house and garden – the more cryptic and personal the clues, the better, but make sure the ‘gold’ is worth hunting for.

Being flower specialist, we reckon a bouquet of red roses is the ultimate way to say “I love you”. Unless you’re planning to propose, of course, in which case this calls for diamonds…

6. Write your other half a love letter

Let your partner know how thankful you are to have them in your life by handwriting them a meaningful love letter.

For a more creative spin on a classic, punch holes through a pack of cards, tie them together with red ribbon and jot something you love about your partner on each one – ta da, an adorable ‘52 Reasons Why I Love You’ gift for them to cherish forever.

7. Get competitive with a games night

Competitive couples love a fiercely-fought board or video game, so line up a few of your favourites and settle on a prize for whoever wins the most.

If two players aren’t enough, invite another couple or two over, crack out some wine and cheese and make a more sociable night of it. Just don’t overly competitive – it is Valentine’s Day, after all!

8. Get experimental in the kitchen

They say that sharing new experiences brings you closer, so don your chef hats and attempt to cook that yummy recipe you’ve been wanting to try for a while.

If you’re in need of Valentine’s Day dinner ideas, try finding inspiration from Youtube or other social medias. You can find cooking recipes for the whole year!

9. Camp out in your garden

OK, so Rave Party isn’t an option in February, but if you’ve got a garden big enough to fit a two-man tent, then a night under the stars is calling.

Dig out your camping gear, fill your fave enamel mugs with steaming hot chocolate and marshmallows and snuggle up to sleep al fresco. Ramp up the romance by using a stargazing app – try SkyView for identifying the constellations directly above you – and come up with a funny forfeit for anyone who scurries back inside!

10. Make a bucket list together

Let’s face it, thejoy of being a couple is to fantasise about everywhere you want to go and everything you want to do. So pick up a notebook and pen, pour yourselves a well-earned tipple and get brainstorming.

From skydiving and snorkelling to climbing mountains and volunteering, the world really is your oyster. Once you’ve come up with your bucket list, pick one thing that you both can’t wait to do, and set about making it happen.

So, which date you’re planning to do in this upcoming Valentine’s Day? Make sure to plan the best date to reignite the spark!